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Snowy Owls Sept 2020 APS

Creative Curriculum

At Allithwaite CE Primary we teach a broad and balanced curriculum through the delivery of the National Curriculum, Religious Education and an Adventurous Curriculum.

Our Creative Curriculum operates on a two-year rolling programme in order to facilitate access to the full National Curriculum within our mixed aged classes.

Early Years Long Term Creative Curriculum:

KS1 and KS2 National Curriculum:

KS1 and KS2 Long Term Creative Curriculum:

Topics generally last for one term and have a History or a Geography focus.  Within a topic, children are immersed in their learning as the focus drives learning in most other subject areas.

Within each of our topics we incorporate a hook- something to spark the children’s interest, an enrichment experience –such as an educational visit and a showcase opportunity- an opportunity to share and celebrate their work. 

We regularly have whole school themes/weeks with subject specific outcomes.  We relate these to significant historical landmarks, local events, religious festivals and much more.

Our school values underpin our learning and we explore these alongside topics that compliment.

Please click on the class buttons below to read our medium term topic plans currently being taught:

Curriculum Policies

KS1 Maths Calculations Policy
LKS2 Maths Calculations Policy
UKS2 Maths Calculations Policy 
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