Snowy Owls Sept 2020 APS

Snowy Owls

Welcome to Snowy Owls!  We are the Nursery and Reception class which is the first class that children attend at Allithwaite CE Primary School.  We are taught by Mrs. Tebay, Mrs. Elliott, and Mrs. Hodgson supported by Mrs. Garnett and Mrs. Payne.  We love to get to know the children and help them become fantastic members of Allithwaite CE Primary School! 

We love learning both inside and outside the classroom! Learning new skills is so important in Snowy Owls, however we do a lot of learning through play! The children can follow their own interests; topics are often catered to what the children would like and discuss weekly what they would like to learn more about.  We also believe that every child should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development and that is why we have made this one of our Key Priorities at Allithwaite. Our outdoor environment has massive potential for providing learning opportunities. We are extremely fortunate to be set in large grounds and surrounded by an environment rich in opportunities to enhance our educational provision.  We bake/cook every week where we make a range of healthy meals that help support us how we can live healthy lives.  

As well as learning new educational skills, we work on becoming members of a new school community.  We learn to form new friendships, be more independent, follow structures and routines and to let our big personalities shine! Come and see what adventures we have been on recently! 

For online learning activities please use the link above. If you are struggling to login to your child's Tapestry account then please email Mrs Tebay on the class email -


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New Starters 

We are looking forward to all our new reception and nursery children joining us. We have made a video for you to watch showing you around our classroom. We hope you enjoy watching it with your child.  
Our adventures! 

Click onto the links below to see some of the fantastic adventures you may experience in the Snowy Owls Class.  

We are a smile4life school - this means that we work with our children and their families to reduce the high levels of tooth decay experienced by some children and to lay solid foundations for good oral health throughout life.
We are currently working in partnership with our families to achieve our 4 teeth awards to celebrate our oral health work:
- Tooth 1: Encourage Healthy Eating and Drinking 
- Tooth 2: Encourage regular toothbrushing 
- Tooth 3: Encourage the promotion of a healthier lifestyle 
- Tooth 4: Visit a dentist regularly 
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