Reopening Procedures and Latest Guidance

 This page gives you information on our reopening and latest Government Guidance for schools, parent and carers. This page will be updated regularly. For the latest Government Guidance please use the links below:

We are now open to children of critical key workers and those pupils categorised as vulnerable pupils and/or with an EHCP . See link to list of critical workers who can access childcare below:

Allithwaite CE Primary School Key Worker Children Booking System


  •  Download the booking form and complete.

  •  Bookings should be made on a weekly basis and deadline for submission for a following week is THURSDAYS 12pm. 

  • Email form to


You will be contacted with a drop off/collection slot on THURSDAY AFTERNOONS via parentmail.

Select a booking form below.

Timetable for Reopening


• Children of critical workers will be able to attend school Mondays – Fridays, 8.30am – 4pm.


• Y6 pupils will be returning to school on Monday 15th June.


• Year Six will be offered Mon – Thurs and arrival/departure times will be staggered. The school day will run from 8.45am – 3.30pm.


• Year One will be offered Tues – Thurs and arrival/departure times will be staggered. The school day will run from 9am – 3.15pm.


• There will be no breakfast or after school childcare at the present time as this cannot be organised safely (as per government guidance) and therefore is not viable at present.


Our reopening has  of course been heavily led by risk assessment. We also have carefully considered staff opinion, governor opinion and parental opinion. We strongly feel that Year 6 should be allowed an opportunity to complete their primary career. We will be able to provide transition work and as older children they are more equipped to cope with and adhere to the changes to the school environment, routines and rules.


We accept and share the views that very young children would not enjoy school in this current set up and in fact may find it stressful and upsetting.




As Head Teachers, none of us can completely guarantee that schools will be entirely COVID 19 secure. All any of us can do, is our absolute best to reduce risk as much as possible.


There are however several things that we can do and these are the things that are most important. These are the steps that our school will endeavour to take to try our best and keep your child safe.


1. Ensure we have the staffing needed to reopen and to maintain the groups going forward. Further future groups or increased numbers in groups are not liable due to staffing and bulding capacity based on our risk assessment. Staff illness may result in short term ‘closure’ of a groups provision.


2. As with the hub school that has been running, prioritise accommodating the children of key workers, vulnerable children and children who have an ECHP. The critical key worker list has been updated recently by the government. We will call this group 'bubble 1'.


3. We will endeavor to keep children in their own discrete separate 'bubble', with the same staff, at all times where possible. A bubble is a smaller than normal group of children which will be together each time they are in school (the group size is based on the risk assessment carried out and the government guidance). They will not mix with other bubbles to reduce cross infection. Where a child is in a key worker bubble/group (bubble 1), they cannot move between this group and a year group bubble. They will remain in one or the other. This will be decided by school.


4. Each bubble will be allocated a entrance/exit area, a classroom area, a playground space and will have staff allocated to it. These may not be the child's usual teacher and it will not be the usual classroom. The classroom will look different as tables will be spaced as per guidance, where possible 2m apart and facing the front. Children will be spending time outdoors as much as possible as this reduces the cross infection risk.


5. Children may NOT bring anything to school other than a packed lunch. Each desk will have its own storage. Children will be allocated a zip wallet with basic resources. Work will be completed on paper sheets and safely disposed of daily. School will provide disposable water bottles.


6. Packed lunches will be eaten in classrooms or on occasions outside. FSM arrangements TBC. WE cannot guarantee that packed lunches will be stored in a cool area.


7. We will take into account the well-being of all pupils, parents and staff when reopening and have regard to the difficult situations that may have happened outside of school during this time, including mental health concerns, bereavement, loss of jobs etc. We will work with children to make them feel safe and secure in the setting.


8. We will endeavor to maintain 2m social distancing for children and staff. Although this cannot be guaranteed, and for younger children the government is clear that this will not be possible.


9. No parents or carers will be allowed into the school building and all children will have to be brought to school and collected from school by one adult, so as to ensure social distancing. Should it be reported that families are not social distancing (following current government guidance) outside of school, in order to reduce the risk of infection, schools retain the right to then refuse a place for that child(ren). Parents must only drop off and collect their child/children at the given time and must not stay on the school premises. They must maintain social distancing and follow the one-way system. Each ‘bubbles’ drop off/collection instructions will be sent in a ‘home school agreement’ prior to reintroduction to school. No use of play areas is permitted out of school time for H and S reasons. No child or family is allowed to be on the site before or after the allotted times. Use of fixed play equipment is strictly forbidden.


10. So as to ensure equality of opportunity, children in school will be following the same online and/or learning tasks (Home Learning) as those children not in school. Children in the key worker group may be doing a different set of tasks and activities as they are in a mixed age group. School will continue to decide what adjustments may be needed to the school curriculum over the coming weeks and identify and plan how best to support the education of all groups including those that are disadvantaged and have SEND.


11. Children will not be able to share toys or pens and pencils and will have their own equipment, provided by school, that stays in school.

12. All soft furnishings will have to be removed from rooms and all surfaces will be cleared to make cleaning easier. The classroom will not look like it did before. Each child will have a tray to place their school allocated resources. No toys or other items will be brought into school.


13. Children, wherever possible, will need to sit individually and not in groups. This includes playtimes and lunchtimes. We know that younger children will find this hard and recognise this may not always be possible.


14. Children should wear different and clean clothes every day they attend school. Clothes should be washed after returning home from school. No uniform is required; active clothing can be worn which can be washed easily i.e. leggings, T-shirt and trainers.


15. Depending on individual risk assessments, personal protective equipment (PPE) may need to be worn, by staff and/or children depending on the needs of the child and the situations that arise. Masks will not be worn by staff or pupils as a general rule.


16.Should, for whatever reason the school or bubble group be closed, please note that in order to reduce the risk of infection, the children cannot join another school or bubble group. The bubble may need to stay at home until it is safe to return to school.


17. Please note that school offices will not be open as usual. Communications should come through email or phone call. Appointments if necessary, will be set up via these means.

18. Please note that the curriculum is suspended until September but your child will be provided with learning tasks relevant to their capabilities as they are now whilst home learning. Schools will use best endeavours to support pupils attending school as well as those remaining at home, making use of the available remote learning support. No school will be penalised if they are unable to offer a broad and balanced curriculum to their pupils during this period.


19. Schools recognise that there will be need for deep cleaning to take place during the week and this will happen in our school on a Friday at present, when the school will only be open for Key worker, vulnerable and EHCP pupils who have been offered a place and the only if they cannot make other arrangements.


Remaining closed on a Friday will also given a ‘resting’ period of 72 hours.


Cleaning will also take place at lunchtimes and touch points such as handles, handrails and switches will be cleaned by staff in the classroom regularly through the day. Sports equipment will be allocated to individual bubbles only and children will not share equipment between bubble groups. Daily cleaning will take place across school as normal at the end of every day.


20. Children must wash their hands properly and regularly as instructed using the 20 second rule. Must tell an adult if they feel unwell; cough or sneeze into their elbow or preferably a tissue following the Catch it, Bin it, Kill it advice; behave well and maintain the safety of others following the school's guidance. Keep to the school rules for safety of all.


21. If a child shows COVID – 19 symptoms they must be collected from school immediately and tested.


Obviously, all of these matters depend on any new government advice and updates and on how successful the reopening of each individual school setting is. Risk assessments will be undertaken daily and checks maintained in order to see that precautions are as effective as can be but obviously we cannot promise that our setting is completely COVID 19 secure.


Parents must inform school if their child is unwell with Covid 19 symptoms as per government guidance and not send them to school if unwell for the safety of all.


A Home/School agreement for this Covid 19 Period will be sent home to all those pupils/parents of children who are attending. This must be adhered to by all so that we can ensure that everyone feels safe.

The decision about whether or not you send your child back to school is your choice. I, as Head Teacher, totally respect your choice. Presently for the remainder of this term, the government are not imposing at any consequences for those who decide to keep their child(ren) at home. YOUR CHILD, YOUR CHOICE.

Headteacher: Mrs Gillian Elliott
Office Manager: Mrs Osborne

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