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Lost Word Arts Project

Thank you so much to all who took part in this competition. We had lots of entries at such a high standard that it has been difficult to choose winners. Mrs Tomison and her artist friend took a while to look at everyone’s artwork in detail and have commented on those chosen to receive prizes. In the end we have chosen 3 winners - one for each age group (Upper KS2, Lower KS2 and KS1/Reception) We have also chosen 5 Highly Commended entries across the age groups. All will receive a prize and a certificate. Well done to everyone who took part. 

Winner in Reception/KS1

A great use of mixed media including natural materials to create texture and depth to the piece.

Winner in Lower KS2

A very mature use of colour, blending and shows technical ability. The texture of the wood is especially good.

Winner in Upper KS2

Good colour mixing and concept of light shining on the wings of the bird. Just doing the profile adds character.

The following pieces were all Highly Commended

Good observation of form in the flowers and we love the detail included with the butterflies and bees to show a bustling meadow.

A lot of work has gone into this one capturing a variety of subjects. Colour has been used well with a good use of pencil to give detail and form.

We thought this was a real snake at first. We loved the way the artist has thought outside the box using different media to create a realistic scene.

We love this little guy – he is such fun. Technically well shaped and a good use of paints to give him colour.

This artist shows great promise in their use of shading, light and dark on the bird and great detail on the plants.

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