Year Group 3

Our Year 3 pupils are now Barn Owls who have become Key Stage 2.  Now we are in Barn Owls we will work with Year 4. There are 14 children who love learning and are enthusiastic and full of life.   In Barn Owls class we learn outdoors as much as possible and enjoy two sessions of PE per week on Monday (indoor) and Thursday (outdoor).  This year we will begin to learn to speak French and we are encouraged to take on responsibilities in and around the classroom.  We will collect homework on a Tuesday and hand it out again on Thursday, we have a new Mental Maths book this year!   This Spring term we are studying Romans and we have many exciting activities planned, please have a look at our curriculum map.   In Science we are forces and magnets and we will be making sounds in science.

Year Group 3

We are the Barn Owls, Junior 3 based in the new part of the school.

Our Teachers

Miss Fielding , Mrs Humphries, Mrs Hodgson, Mrs Stanway


7 - 8

What We Have Been Doing

Our recent blog posts

Barn Owls playing Boccia

Barn Owls have been playing Boccia with our new sports equipment.  We had a fantastic time learning new skills and working as a team.  We were surprised how difficult it was to get the ball close to the jack!

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Barn Owls have new teachers!

We have been learning how to subtract using columns. The children were confident at the end of the week and some children came to the board to show others how to subtract. Have a look our new “teachers” in Barn Owls. We were so proud of their confidence and achievements.

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Friendship Day

In the afternoon of Friendship Day, all the children split up into their house groups for a carousel of four differing activities. In one of these, they coloured in ‘people’ templates to look like themselves and these were then put together holding hands in a big circle to represent each Read More…

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