Ukulele Lessons

Mandy has been teaching ukulele to Year 2 since November 2012 and it has been a very rewarding experience. The class takes place during school hours and at no cost to parents.


The ukulele is a perfect first instrument – it is just the right size for small hands; simple chords can be mastered quickly and easily; the children can sing and play at the same time; it has a sweet sound and is relatively quiet – definitely a bonus for a beginner! Playing the ukulele develops hand-eye co-ordination, as well as mental agility and the ability to be multi focused. It is also an excellent gateway instrument for those who want to go on to learn guitar.


The class play at several school concerts each year and also perform on the Bandstand at the Edwardian Festival in Grange. Playing to a large audience has done a great deal for their confidence and is always enjoyed by the children’s families.


The ukuleles were generously provided by the PTA and are taken home by the children after each lesson.