Year 1 and 2 Teacher

Mrs Tomison

Year Group 1 , Year Group 2

Interests And Clubs: Art Club

Responsibilities: Art and Design, Music and History


I am married to David and have four children. I sometimes cycle to school and I am obsessed with collecting owls. When I am not teaching I love to read and spend time in the allotment at the bottom of my garden, where I am endeavoring to grow straight carrots!

Latest From My Class

Science Week – Friday

This was our last day of Science Week – it was our Fitness day. Tawny Owls, Barn Owls and Eagle Owls took part in some fitness circuits to learn and discover the effects of exercise on our bodies. Tawny Owls are ┬ácontinuing to exercise over the next few weeks to improve their performances and discover

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Favourite Book