Our Mission Statement and Purpose

Allithwaite Mission Statement

Within our community each of our children will achieve their potential preparing them for the future, through high quality teaching and learning and exciting opportunities, whilst having a sense of belonging in a safe Christian environment.

Allithwaite Purpose

I will always be the very best that I can be
a happy, confident and caring person
who is proud to be me.

I want to love learning
and be inspired to learn for life
to discover and develop my interests, gifts and talents
and be ready to use them for the benefit of others.

I will treat others as I would wish to be treated
with kindness and respect
I will have a sense of belonging in a safe Christian

I will care about the local and wider world
and understand my place in the community
I will know that with rights come responsibilities
and I will always be proud to have been at our school.

I will be ready to take on new challenges and
opportunities and continue to make a difference!