Allithwaite School Nursery

It is wonderful to be able to introduce our nursery provision which has been available from September 2014. We have had a long and superb reputation for providing an excellent foundation stage setting at Allithwaite School. So we are very pleased to be able to extend this to nursery provision enabling us to have foundation setting as it is designed to be.

Our approach attracts many families to school where the children learn through play. The choices that they make and the interests they express are used by the staff to plan learning. Importantly we use the outdoors wherever possible. We have a wonderful classroom and garden which allows us to respond to the needs of the children. As part of a village school our older pupils embrace the foundation stage and care and support them enabling them to make a wonderful transition into subsequent year groups.

We hope that by having a nursery, children will need to make fewer transitions as they start their educational journey. Ofsted noted that ‘Children get off to a good start with their learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage and continue to make good progress during their time in the school.’ We believe it is so important to get to know the children and respond to their needs to enable them to thrive.

We offer the very best nursery and reception provision which ensures the children are happy, cared for and supported by the most engaging learning experiences.

One aspect of our learning which the children adore is our forest activities. Each week the children have an opportunity to explore the outdoors, develop a rich language, allowing children to understand their environment. This, along with our rich curriculum, allows children to nurture a vibrant imagination and an enthusiasm for learning through play.

Nursery - A pivotal time in your child's life

Our nursery provision is very comprehensive; 9:00 – 12:00 each morning, Monday to Friday allowing parents to use their free 15 hour nursery sessions for 3 and 4 year old children. Then 1.00 - 3.15 are our afternoon sessions, also daily.  If you wish, children are able to stay for lunch.  Children join us the term after they are three.

Nursery is such a wonderful and pivotal time in a child’s life and we hope that you will appreciate the care, support and fun provided by our foundation stage setting.